How do I avoid liquidation?

The maximum LTV ratio is 80%. While LTV reaches 90%, or you default, the loan is susceptible to being liquidated by liquidators. To avoid liquidation, please repay your loan at expiration. Liquidation also might happen when the collateral decreases in value or the borrowed debt increases in value against each other. Under such circumstances, you could add collateral at the “Collaterals” section.

How much time do i have to respond before liquidation?

There are two hours left for you since expiration. You could go to “My Debts” section, click on “Redeem” and check the deadline.

Can I participate in the liquidations ecosystem?

Sure, you could earn as a liquidator. While LTV reaches 90%, or the borrower defaults, the loan is susceptible to being liquidated. Liquidators could receive an interest of their share. Liquidation reward is 8% of the total value of the collateral.

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