How much will I earn?

Bond purchasers receive continuous earnings that evolve with market conditions. You can preview your interest at Purchase Bonds section. Having chosen the currency and term length, you will enter the amount of bonds should purchase. You can preview your interest at this page.

How do I withdraw my investment?

To redeem you need to go to the “My Investments”section, click on “Withdraw”. Enter the amount of bond and confirm the transaction.

How to withdraw investment before maturity?

First, you need to settle the accrual interest. Then reset bond period and trade in bond market. Please note that the acceptable reset periods are 5days, 10 days, 15 days, 30 days, 45 days and 60 days.

For example, you purchased a share of 60 days USDT bond and hold it fro 20 days. Therefore, there are 40 days remaining until the maturity date. The accounting period is only 15 days. To get back the assets, you need to reset the term to 45 days and sell the bond in trading market.

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